[Spambayes] Restore from Spam

Mark Sears deltan at lithium.com
Tue Dec 2 04:49:03 EST 2003

Windows Version: XP
Outlook Version: 2003
Spam Bayes Version: .81 (Sept.9 2003)

I'm hoping someone can help me.  I've been back & forth through the FAQ as
well as the Bug Database.  I can't seem to find any reference to my issue.

For work I use imap with Outlook, I also have some pop accounts (my home ISP
& such).  The rules are set on the imap server via Procmail and I have spam
bayes monitoring multiple folders with incoming mail. When I get a false
positive or a message which is questionable and I want to "Recover From
Spam".  I click the recover button and the message is sent to the inbox of
my personal folders.  It's not recovered to the imap folder in which the
message originated like I'd expect it to be.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a work around? Or maybe I've misconfigured


deltan at lithium.com

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