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> Why can't I send my spam directly to my deleted folder?

>From the FAQ 3.12  ;)


Why can't I set spam to be moved to the Deleted Items folder?

The problem with this is that you can also set SpamBayes to train all
messages moved to the designated spam folder.  If you set the deleted
items folder as the spam folder (early versions of the plug-in allowed
this), then *all* messages that you delete would be trained as spam.

To get this restriction removed, you'll have to convince the developers
that there is a way to do this without confusing people - for example,
if we let you choose the deleted items folder as the spam folder, only
if the 'incremental training' option was off, people would get confused
about why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Note that Outlook 2003 has a "Junk Mail" folder that has many of the
deleted items folder's properties, and you *can* get SpamBayes to move
spam to this folder.  You may also find some good advice in the answer


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