[Spambayes] suggestions for training and filtering?

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Tue Dec 2 16:30:33 EST 2003

I've been pretty happy using SpamBayes.  For a long time I had things
set up so everything classified as spam would get thrown out, and so
I'd classify everything that came up "unsure", with automatic training
every night.  I still had to manually throw out a few spams a day, but
I was also missing some things like news stories my wife sent me from
Yahoo, "forgot your password?" response emails, and the like.  So I
switched to discarding only "spam 1.00" messages for a while, and
classifying everything else.  Now I'm discarding all spam down to
0.96.  I still get quite a few messages to classify, about 30 a day.
My spam training folder has 24 Meg in it.  My Ham folder has 68 Meg.
I feel as though the quality of my filtering has sort of levelled off.
>From other peoples' reports, I get the feeling I could be doing much
better.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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