[Spambayes] Where are my e-mails?

Marv Beloff mbeloff at comcast.net
Tue Dec 2 20:55:31 EST 2003

I installed Spambayes a few weeks ago and reported to my cybersenior group
how pleased I was with it. I have two web sites as a sculptor
www.woodbowties.com <http://www.woodbowties.com/>  and www.sanddevil.com
<http://www.sanddevil.com/>  . I created two folders as directed JUNK MAIL
It was working wonderfully. I got a little careless and instead of deleting
JUNK MAIL as was my daily activity I deleted the JUNK MAIL folder itself
which caused me to have to go into Spambayes manager and reinstall with your
wizard. I actually did this a couple of times and the last time was
yesterday afternoon. I received no e-mails for the next 24 hours. I
contacted friends and had them send me an e-mail. It did not make it
through. In order to again receive e-mails I uninstalled the Spambayes.
My question is Where are my lost e-mails? I have a few important ones and
orders and cannot find them anywhere.
Also, would like to suggest that you put a fix-in so that if one
inadvertently deletes a JUNK MAIL folder I would have to click on a box that
questions whether I really want to do this.
Hope you can help me find my mail and reinstall what I believe is a super
software system to quickly eliminate the nasty, disgusting, degrading and
uninvited mail that fills my INBOX.
Best wishes,
Marv Beloff, mbeloff at comcast.net <mailto:mbeloff at comcast.net> , 800-974-3557

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