[Spambayes] Where are my e-mails?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Dec 2 21:36:09 EST 2003

[Marv Beloff]
> I installed Spambayes a few weeks ago and reported to my cybersenior
> group how pleased I was with it.
> ...
> I created two folders as directed JUNK MAIL and JUNK MAYBE.
> It was working wonderfully. I got a little careless and instead of
> deleting JUNK MAIL as was my daily activity I deleted the JUNK MAIL
> folder itself which caused me to have to go into Spambayes manager
> and reinstall with your wizard.

Is this the Outlook addin (there are many ways to use SpamBayes, and we're
guessing about how you're using it)?  If so, you should have been able to
use the SpamBayes manager's Filtering tab to tell SpamBayes about your new
JUNK MAIL folder (it may have had the same name to you, but it would have
been an entirely different folder to Outlook).

> I actually did this a couple of times and the last time was yesterday
> afternoon. I received no e-mails for the next 24 hours. I contacted
> friends and had them send me an e-mail.

It's easier to send yourself email (just send an email to your own email

> It did not make it through.

So far, you haven't said anything to make me suspect that it's not just your
ISP email account that isn't working.  I'm not sure what "not make it
through" means, exactly, either.  It *sounds* like new email wasn't even
downloaded from your ISP.

> In order to again receive e-mails I uninstalled the Spambayes.

Did that work?

> My question is Where are my lost e-mails?

Sorry, don't know.  The Outlook addin never deletes email.  You should try
using Outlook's Advanced Find (Tools -> Advanced Find) function to search
for one of them.  The others will probably be found in the same place,
assuming Outlook actually downloaded any of these emails to begin with.

> I have a few important ones and orders and cannot find them
> anywhere. Also, would like to suggest that you put a fix-in so that
> if one inadvertently deletes a JUNK MAIL folder I would have to click
> on a box that questions whether I really want to do this.

Sorry, you'll have to ask Microsoft for that.  Deleting, and moving, folders
is *way* too easy to do my mistake in Outlook, but deleting and moving
folders is strictly between you and Outlook -- Outlook doesn't ask SpamBayes
whether it's OK.  By the way, when you deleted your folder, didn't Outlook
pop up a box asking you whether you really wanted to do that?  If it didn't,
your old JUNK MAIL folder is probably hiding now as a subfolder in your
Deleted Items folder.

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