[Spambayes] Where are my e-mails?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Dec 2 22:25:39 EST 2003

> > BTW, has anyone else noticed that in the last week or two these 
> > 'missing mail' posts have become quite common?  (Although I 
> > note that it's never ended up being spambayes at fault).
> Yup, and it's pretty mysterious to see so many pop up all of a sudden.

Especially since it's so long since the last release!

> > Maybe we need a FAQ for this, too?
> I don't know how to answer that FAQ yet:  where *do* people 
> find their email in the end?  Is there a pattern to it?  I 
> haven't seen many followup msgs from people with this complaint.

I've seen a few (people replying off-list), although there's not a clear
pattern.  I've added a FAQ anyway, since I was doing a 'how to uninstall'
one anyway; as we find out more information we can add to it.

If anyone is reading this that has 'lost' mail and then found it again - it
would be great to hear from you if there's more to finding it than is in the


=Tony Meyer

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