[Spambayes] Need to delete SPAM automagically...

Brian Spiker bspiker at stayfree.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 02:02:32 EST 2003

I saw in the FAQ:

3.9 <http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/faq.html#id22>    How can I
configure SpamBayes to delete spam rather than moving it?

Sorry, but you can't. However, Outlook has an excellent "auto-archive"
facility which can be used to the same effect - simply configure
auto-archive to periodically delete your Spam folder.

It is recommended that you configure auto-archive to keep at least a few
days of Spam around, should the SpamBayes database become corrupt and
require you to perform a full re-train.

This is fine except I don't want auto-archive turned on for all of my
outlook folders which is what this does. I didn't see any means to limit
it just to my SPAM folder. I'm being overrun by SPAM to the point where
I'm tempted to have a new email account every two weeks. (My ISP my be
on a SPAMmers hit list!).
It is *VERY* tedious to always go and grab the 300+ emails and then
delete them to then go to the deleted and remove them again!
AAARRRGGGG!!! Can;'t we just execute a few of these SPAMmers just as an
example on CNN?

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