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Mark Howells Mark.Howells at softoption.com
Wed Dec 3 06:50:42 EST 2003

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> From: David Lewis [mailto:d-r-lewis at tiscali.co.uk]
> Sorry if I am a bit stupid, but what actions actually happen 
> when a Spam has been identified ?

SpamBayes is a message classifier.  Once it has classified the message as Ham/Suspect/Spam its job is done.

> Does the sender / administrator of the Spam get a message telling them
> to stop, or telling them that the address was not valid etc ?

No.  There's no practical way of achieving anything.  Most spam has falsified reply/from etc headers and most replies would just bounce, causing even more traffic.

> Whilst I am getting Spam identified, into junk or suspect, the actual
> volume is not getting any less - in fact it is possibly increasing !

At least it's not cluttering your inbox any more....



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