[Spambayes] Re: Need to delete SPAM automagically...

Dennis W. Bulgrien dbulgrien at vcsd.com
Wed Dec 3 10:17:30 EST 2003

I believe that if you turn Outlook auto-archive on (in Tools, Options, Other,
AutoArchive...) you can then configure each and every folder to either archive
or not.  It appears that the folders that Outlook defaults to archive are
Calendar, Deleted Items, Inbox, Sent Items, Tasks.  Go to each of those, right
click, properties, AutoArchive, uncheck "Clean out items older than" check box.
On your SPAM folder, configure AutoArchive as desired.  Won't it be the only
folder that is archived (with the wonderful option to "Permanently delete old

"Brian Spiker" <bspiker at stayfree.co.uk> wrote in message
news:017701c3b96b$6dd83130$0a00000a at HPa250n...
Sorry, but you can't. However, Outlook has an excellent "auto-archive"
facility which can be used to the same effect - simply configure
auto-archive to periodically delete your Spam folder.
This is fine except I don't want auto-archive turned on for all of my
outlook folders which is what this does. I didn't see any means to limit
it just to my SPAM folder.

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