[Spambayes] Re: Re: Outlook plugin - training, database status

Dennis W. Bulgrien dbulgrien at vcsd.com
Wed Dec 3 11:10:55 EST 2003

Thanks.  I now understand a difference in POP3PROXY and Outlook.  I too would
REALLY like the configuration switch for additional training to be put into the
Outlook plug-in.  I'll wait patiently in great anticipation...

"Seth Goodman" <nobody at spamcop.net> wrote in message
news:MHEGIFHMACFNNIMMBACAEEMMGAAA.nobody at spamcop.net...
Your observations are correct.  It appears that the configuration switch for
"train on everything" is exposed for use in the POP3PROXY version (all other
mailers besides Outlook), but not in the Outlook Plug-In.

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