[Spambayes] Info on adding scoring to Outlook Window

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Dec 4 11:04:43 EST 2003

[Jim Wright]
> I get the impression that I should be able to see scoring on each
> email, but havent' found anywhere in the FAQ or troubleshooting
> about how to implement it. I went into the Outlook Customize
> Current View menu (while showing Inbox) and didn't find a field to
> add that looked like spam score to me. There's also an option to
> add a new field, but there I'm stumped.

You're getting close.  Unfortunately, Outlook doesn't expose enough of its
internals to allow us to add a score column to a view for you, so you have
to do that part by hand.  It's tedious, but one of those things that's very
easy after you've done it twice <wink>.

You'll find detailed instructions via:

    SpamBayes ->
        Help ->
            About SpamBayes ->
               section "Viewing and Using the Spam Score Field"

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