half ham, half spam (was: Re: [Spambayes] Please Kill the "Blocked Mail Notification")

Gerrit Holl gerrit at nl.linux.org
Thu Dec 4 11:05:57 EST 2003

Tim Stone wrote:
> >Can one of the moderators do something about the "Blocked Mail 
> >Notification"
> >from sysadmin at scr.siemens.com ?
> Seriously, this is a good example of why a bouncing filter is a BAD 
> idea... there's not much we can do about it.  Seimens' filter is 
> classifying some of the mail on this list as spam (imagine that) and doing 
> the infamous and much debated (on this list) bounce operation.

Well, I can understand that some of the mail on this list gets
classified as spam by a spam-only-filter (e.g. no ham checking). Some
messages are classified as 'unsure' here, because a ham message has a
spam message attached. And I don't want to train it as ham, because the
message is half ham, half spam. How do others solve this problem?

BTW, Spambayes is very correct in recognizing it as both spam and ham :)


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