[Spambayes] Deleted Junk Mail folder

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 11:17:25 EST 2003

Ted Telesky wrote:
> I did a dumb thing, I though I was deleting a file but actually
> deleted 
> my "Junk Mail" folder and can't undo.  I tried re-installing the
> program, no change.  Can I just create another Junk Mail folder or
> should I uninstall and re-install?

First, if you haven't emptied your Deleted Items yet then your Junk Mail
folder may still be hiding as a subdirectory under Deleted Items.  If
so, you can just move the folder back out to the top level and
everything should be fine.

If the old folder is already gone, you can just create a new one.  You
then need to go to the Filtering tab in SpamBayes Manager and browse to
the new folder under Certain Spam.  SpamBayes locates the folder using a
unique id that will be different even if you create a new folder with
the same name, so reselecting the new folder is very important.

Kenny Pitt

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