[Spambayes] Re: Outlook Envelope Tray Icon

Dennis W. Bulgrien dbulgrien at vcsd.com
Thu Dec 4 12:06:03 EST 2003

One place that I have noticed would be nice is when the "Delete as Spam" button
is pressed.  With SpamBayes Manager, Training tab, Incremental Training frame,
Clicking Delete as Spam should "mark the message as read", the icon is not
cleared even though the message is marked as read.  This is unexpected because
the Filtering tab, Certain Spam frame, Mark spam as read check-box keeps the
icon from appearing when spam comes in and is ushered to the spam folder
(Advanced tab set to Enabled background filtering, default delays).  Maybe the
later works because SpamBayes marks it read even BEFORE Outlook displays the

"Kenny Pitt" <kennypitt at hotmail.com> wrote...
Thanks for the link.  I created the following code to implement this in
the Outlook plugin and attached it to a menu item for testing.  It was,
in fact, successful in removing the new mail envelope from the taskbar.
Now, the *really* tricky part is figuring out when to remove the icon.

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