[Spambayes] Exchange Server

David L. Grobstein dlg at acm.org
Thu Dec 4 14:00:21 EST 2003

I have been using Spambayes for about 2 months and found it has made getting
email from my Pop server much more pleasant.  I changed to Outlook from
Outlook Express just so I could use it.  It is particularly pleasant to
watch the email download as spam messages show up in the inbox momentarily
and then go away automatically.

I may not have looked carefully enough, but I haven't found a direct answer
to the question: "Can Spambayes be used with Outlook when there is an
Exchange Server and the message store is on the Exchange server."  If so do
you install it on your client copy of Outlook just as if it was using a Pop
server?  I'd like t recommend it to colleagues who use Exchange.

     - Dave
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