[Spambayes] RE: Outlook plug-in 0.81 continuous training.

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Thu Dec 4 14:13:02 EST 2003

One might regard that as a feature. For example, if you designate your "definite" folder as your Outlook "junk mail" folder, any spam that ends up there will be trained on, whether it got put there by Spambayes or by Outlook.


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> B.B wrote:
> > I have a question about the continuous training feature. On the first
> > page of the Spambayes manager it gives the current status of the
> > training database of how many good and how many spam. I have noticed
> > that the number of spam increments with every spam mail received but
> > the number of good does not increment with every good e-mail
> > received. It remains at the number it was when I initially trained
> > it. Is this the correct behaviour? 
> Are you certain that your trained spam count is going up? Under normal
> circumstances, the Outlook addin does not train on *any* received
> messages unless you tell it to with the Delete or Recover buttons.
> Since the counts in the SpamBayes Manager show the number of messages
> that you have trained on, neither should increment just by receiving a
> message.
> You might want to keep careful tabs on these numbers for a couple of
> days to verify that your spam count is in fact increasing with every
> received spam message.  If so, there could be several possible
> explainations.  The most likely one that I can think of would be if you
> have an Outlook rule that moves messages into the folder that you have
> designated for Certain Spam.  SpamBayes will train on any untrained
> messages that are moved into the spam folder.
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> Kenny Pitt

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