[Spambayes] Upgrading from 1.0a2

Richie Hindle richie at entrian.com
Thu Dec 4 15:23:49 EST 2003

Hi Gary,

> I'm currently using SpamBayes 1.0a2 and I'd like to upgrade to the
> latest and greatest, but the release notes hint at incompatible
> changes between a2 and a3 which were documented in a3 and I can't find
> a copy of a3.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Here's the relevant piece of WHAT_IS_NEW.txt for 1.0a3:

 o If you are using the Outlook Plugin and a recent bsddb or bsddb3 is
   available, you will need to do a full retrain.
 o If you had set the environment variable BAYESCUSTOMIZE to point to more
   than one configuration file, you will need to change the separator
   character from a space to the path separator for your platform (a
   semi-colon on windows, a colon on *nix and a newline on Mac OS9)
 o If your old configuration file used the pop3proxy_port,
   pop3proxy_server_name or pop3proxy_server_port options, these will no
   longer work.  Copy the values in them and use the web interface to
   update your configuration file.
 o Your old configuration file more than likely includes deprecated
   settings.  The old settings will still work for the moment, but you
   should take the time to update them.  The "convert_config_file.py"
   script will convert the file for you, without loss of comments, and
   avoiding whitespace changes where possible.
 o If you are using POP3 proxy, you should use the web interface to set
   the location of the "message info" database (a full pathname is
 o If you are using POP3 proxy, it is recommended (but not required) that
   you do a full retrain to take advantage of the "message info" database.

There may be other changes between a3 and a7 that you should take note
of... you can see all the previous versions of WHAT_IS_NEW.txt at
That lists the CVS tags for each version of the file, and the release tags
are of the form "release_1_0_a4" for the source releases and "Outlook-004"
for the Outlook plugin releases - those are the versions of
WHAT_IS_NEW.txt that shipped with each release of SpamBayes.  Any
incompatible changes are listed in a "Transition" section near the end of
the file, or in an "Incompatible changes" section near the start.

Richie Hindle
richie at entrian.com

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