[Spambayes] Connecting to localhost

Jerome Lyles lylesj002 at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Dec 4 20:51:23 EST 2003

On Thursday 04 December 2003 02:46 pm, Richie Hindle wrote:
> Jerome,
> On unix, you can't run SpamBayes on a port under 1024 (unless you run it
> as root, which is inadvisable).  You should configure the SpamBayes POP
> proxy to listen on port 1110, then configure your email client to connect
> to 1110.  Likewise, if you want to use the SMTP proxy, configure the proxy
> to listen on 1125 (for instance), then configure your email client to
> connect to 1125.
> The address that was in use looks like it was port 25, which is where you
> probably have a real SMTP server listening.

1.  I can now download from my pop3 server through spambayes and I do not get 
the 'address in use' error.  Thank you very much.
2.  I assume the reason I could not connect to localhost through spambayes' 
pop3 proxy had something to do with not having root permission to use port 
3.  I would like to understand why my original smtp settings worked.  In Kmail 
my smtp option was set to localhost and port 25.  In the spambayes proxy smtp 
config options I used port 25 and the name of my smtp server.  I could send 
email out to the internet.

I don't think I'm running spambayes as root but how can I be sure?  Is there a 
way to check?  Is there a way to tell what processes are running on a given 

The fact that I could use smtp services on port 25 implies I'm running 
spambayes in root.  It also implies nothing else was using this port since I 
experienced no problems.?  That implies the busy port was 110.  Can you help 
me understand this?

In any case thank you again Richie for solving my problems.

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