[Spambayes] Routine training on correctly classified email?

Eamon Egan eamon at thoughttechnology.com
Fri Dec 5 14:51:51 EST 2003

I doubt this hasn't been asked or discussed before, but since I'm new to the
mailing list and couldn't find an easy way to search the archives (without
downloading the lot of them), here goes.

I gather that spambayes does not train itself automatically on messages
classified as spam (or not-spam). It only trains on mistakes.

I just saw a message referring to the practice of manually training on
caught spam.

Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the merits of training (perhaps with a
lower weight) on ham and spam that is correctly classified? It would seem
that if spam and ham evolves, this would allow the classifier to track any
trends. Is (optionally) doing this routinely considered a useful feature and
is it being considered for inclusion?

- Eamon Egan

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