[Spambayes] Hotmail Confusion

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Dec 5 17:08:02 EST 2003

    Tim> [Skip Montanaro]
    >> When I try to add a new account, the only options I have are POP3 and
    >> IMAP. It appears I have Outlook 2000 SP-3.  Maybe I need an upgrade.

    Tim> You need an entirely new version of Outlook.  

Oh well.  Someone else will have to debug this problem.  We only have OL
2003 licenses for a handful of new machines.  I'm stuck on OL 2000 for the
forseeable future.

On the experimental front, I wonder how long it will take my new Hotmail
account to start receiving spam if I publish the address
(skipmontanaro at hotmail.com) here...


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