[Spambayes] RE: Outlook shuts down

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Dec 7 20:05:16 EST 2003

[Robert K. Coe]
> I had that exact problem after I converted a couple of my machines
> to Windows XP. Outlook was totally unusable, so I had to uninstall
> Spambayes. Then at a conference the other day, I thought I got a
> line on a registry hack that might be the answer. But when I
> reinstalled Spambayes (after a month of not using it), I couldn't
> reproduce the problem!
> I continue to believe that the behavior you describe reflects a
> serious bug in Spambayes (or at least in the Outlook plugin). But
> the sporadic nature of the symptoms makes it hard to compete for
> the developers' attention.

If the developers never see the problem (they don't), and people don't
submit their logs (and they don't), what do you expect the developers to do?
Suggest something specific.  Or, if you fancy yourself a Windows expert,
cool, you have all our source code, *you* dig into it.  Being able to see
the problem occur is usually 95% of the battle.

Because Outlook is closed-source, the only thing the plugin *can* do is use
Microsoft's documented Outlook APIs.  If those cause Outlook to hang,
freeze, crash, or corrupt its .pst files, the bug(s) is(are) Microsoft's.
Now in the Python world we have a long tradition of tiptoeing around known
bugs in OSes and C libraries from all kinds of vendors, so pinning the blame
isn't really interesting here.  But even if it is a batch of MS bugs, we're
never going to know what they are or how to worm around them until someone
volunteers the effort to figure that out.

> MIS Department, City of Cambridge

If you're in MIS, my bet is that you run Windows Update and/or Office Update
whenever another MS "security hole" is announced.  Rarely a month passes
when one isn't announced, so "after a month of not using [SpamBayes]" I'm
guessing you installed updates to MS system software in the meantime.  Face
it:  either you changed something, or you believe software is magic <wink>.

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