[Spambayes] feature request

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Sun Dec 7 20:21:32 EST 2003

> I have a small feature request though.  I am using Outlook
> and my computer and speakers are always on but I leave my
> monitor off when I'm not using my computer.  When I receive
> email I hear Outlook's new mail sound but I have no way of
> telling whether the message is spam or not without
> going to my computer and turning on the monitor.  Is there
> any way to have SpamBayes play a sound every time is marks
> a message a spam and maybe a different sound for possible spam?
> That way if I hear a new message come in I could
> just wait a few seconds to hear whether it was marked spam.
> If I happen to get multiple messages at time I may miss realizing
> that some Ham messages came in with some spam but that's ok with me.
> What do you think?  I think others might find that feature useful.

That is a pretty good idea.  If someone can nail down the exact feature
request, I think we could add it.  The issues as I see them:
* Play the sound for *every* mail that SpamBayes processes, or only at the
end of a "batch"?
* If a batch, what exactly is a batch, considering the "background"
filtering option?
* If a batch and there are multiple classifications in the batch, do we play
all sounds?
* If so, in what order?
* Sounds can be played synchronously, or asynchronously.  Which one do we
choose?  If async and a sound is playing when we want to play a new one, do
we stop the old one?  If sync and many mails are processed, is it possible
we may queue 10 minutes worth of sound-effects?
* and probably others.

Ultimately, these answers need to be expressed as a set of options that will
exist in the INI file - from the above list, I doubt that 3 simple
"spam/ham/unsure_sound_filename" options will do.

> Concerning this feature, it has been discussed here last week. I'll find
> that post in a jiffy:

> There it is: Tony Meyers answer to the same request on "[Spambayes]
> Outlook sound":

> > I've added this to [ 774978 ] Hide envelope icon when only spam
> > received, since it's essentially the same thing.  It *might* get added

It sounds slightly different - in that request, it sounds like a replacement
for Outlooks 'play sound' is requested - ie, "play a single sound exactly
once, but only when the new message is not spam", much in the same way that
it is asking for a replacement for Outlooks 'tray icon', again with the
qualification 'but only when the new message is not spam'.

In 774978, we are being asked to re-implement concepts internal to Outlook,
but external to SpamBayes.  In the above request, it seems the concepts
remain internal to SpamBayes, and make no reference to builtin Outlook
functionality (other than possibly 'you may like to disable it' :).  If that
remains true, I'd be happy to see a different feature request opened.


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