[Spambayes] Unexperienced and wants to reinstall SpamBayes and Python

Ferrell Hurst 103.Willman.Rd at mxsf15.cluster1.charter.net
Sun Dec 7 23:22:01 EST 2003

Hi all,
Friday was a bad day for me I had to zero out my hard drive and start over. 
I was a happy user of SpamBayes because it worked great, unfortunately, I 
do not work as well as it did. I do not work with programing and cannot, on 
my own, reinstall SpamBayes and Python back onto my system. I do not even 
know how I originally contacted the person who helped me and I have 
forgotten his name and have lost all of my records of him and the 
installation. I am very good at forgetting names and numbers. This young 
man is of Oriental descent, lives in California and races cars and I hope 
he remembers me because I live in a race town (Talladega). He helped his 
father install SpamBayes on a machine without "Outlook" pryer to my 
installation and new exactly how to do it and was willing to call me by 
phone to expedite the installation and even provided the programs from his 
own web site. I do not have Outlook, I have Outlook Express but, I don't 
even use it because, I like Eudora's filtering much, much, more. My "OS" is 
"Windows XP Home". If  he should read this or, anyone knows him please have 
him email me. If not and anyone else feels they can get me going again 
please feel free to contact me at:  fhurst at charter.net  .

Your Friend,

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