[Spambayes] POP3 Server Performance Issue Win2K SP4

W. Eliot Kimber eliot at isogen.com
Mon Dec 8 11:19:02 EST 2003

I'm running the POP3 server 1.0a5 (I thought I had upgraded to 1.0a7 but 
the console reports 1.0a5). This is on a 2Ghz laptop running Win2K SP4. 
The proxy is installed as a service. I'm using Mozilla 1.4 as my mail 

The issue is that whenever my mail client connects to the POP3 proxy, 
the Python process sucks up all the system resources to the point that 
the system essentially stops responding for about a minute. The task 
manager shows that it is the PythonService.e that is using all the 
cycles. This issue has really only been a problem in the last few weeks, 
so I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the data on my machine, not an 
inherent performance problem with SpamBayes.

I suspect the issue is related to the size of my spam database--I've 
been running SB since September 2003 had have collected over 25,000 
spams (my email address has been unchanged for about 7 years and is in 
lots of public web pages and mail archives so I'm just a spam magnet).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might tune the server or 
databse to avoid this level of resource hogging? I haven't been able to 
develop enough of an understanding of how the database works to know 
what I can do or try to address this problem.


W. Eliot Kimber
Innodata Isogen
eliot at isogen.com

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