[Spambayes] Are you considering to ad the option of deleting the Spam mail from the servers

Guy Harpaz guyh at forescout.com
Mon Dec 8 11:36:26 EST 2003


Let me start by saying that the general idea of your program sound promising.
I do have a question / remark about the fact that I have to download all the Spam mail to my PC instead of detecting the mail while still on the servers.
I read the answer in the FAQ's and I must say that I think that the option of being able to identify and delete a Spam without having to download them could give a great added value.

If I understand how the program works, then getting the sender address, subject and the body of the message is enough (no attachments), it should be clear that this could make the tool even more powerful (for example removing emails containing viruses that exploit the mail client sent by "Spammer" senders).

I am currently using a program called "MailWasher" and it I think that a combination of both technologies could really make the difference.

I know that I for one would be very interested if it was possible to do use an standalone tool and remove the Spam mail before downloading it.

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