[Spambayes] Where are my e-mails? continued

Melanie_Stern at dofasco.ca Melanie_Stern at dofasco.ca
Mon Dec 8 11:49:48 EST 2003

We've been installing Spambayes on a limited basis and I've had nothing
but happy people. In fact, one user has called me twice just to say
Many of them liked it so much they've installed it at home too.
It's a great program.

Of the 20 people with SpamBayes, 2 of them have accidentally deleted
their JUNK folders and had to get me to fix it. (recreate the folder and
tell SpamBayes where it is)

It would be nice if there was a second warning or if you just could not
delete / move any folder that SpamBayes was using. Maybe it could be a
separate bullet-proof-my-SpamBayes startup option or something.

I have no idea how hard these are to do and I know that for most users
they aren't necessary. But for the few that make a mistake, it would
save them and me (and you guys - you've gotten a lot of email about
this) some hassle.

Apart from that, the interface is such a dream. I installed it on my
mom's computer and she figured it out without any help from me! That is
truly impressive.

Melanie Stern
Internet Group
Dofasco, Inc.


> By the way, when you deleted your folder, didn't Outlook
> pop up a box asking you whether you really wanted to do that? 
> If it didn't, your old JUNK MAIL folder is probably hiding 
> now as a subfolder in your Deleted Items folder.

I don't know about all versions of Outlook, but I get this "are you
sure" warning even if I'm just moving the folder into the Deleted Items
folder. It would seem pointless to add a second check, even if it was a
simple addition to the plug-in.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that in the last week or two these 'missing
mail' posts have become quite common?  (Although I note that it's never
ended up being spambayes at fault).  Maybe we need a FAQ for this, too?

=Tony Meyer

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