[Spambayes] POP3 Server Performance Issue Win2K SP4

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Dec 8 13:47:22 EST 2003

    Eliot> I suspect the issue is related to the size of my spam
    Eliot> database--I've been running SB since September 2003 had have
    Eliot> collected over 25,000 spams (my email address has been unchanged
    Eliot> for about 7 years and is in lots of public web pages and mail
    Eliot> archives so I'm just a spam magnet).

    Eliot> Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might tune the server
    Eliot> or databse to avoid this level of resource hogging? 

Delete your ham and spam databases and start over?  You have 25,000 spams.
How many hams do you have?  If you don't have at least 8,000, my guess is
that SB is performing sub-par anyway.  Any idea how many classification
mistakes you might have in your database?  Any idea how to find them?  <0.5

Take a look at


for some ideas about more selective training.

    Eliot> I haven't been able to develop enough of an understanding of how
    Eliot> the database works to know what I can do or try to address this
    Eliot> problem.

In general, SpamBayes doesn't need to see every email sent to you to have a
pretty good idea what you consider ham and spam.


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