[Spambayes] feature request

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 15:57:02 EST 2003

Seth Goodman wrote:
> [Kenny Pitt]
>> Locally, I've renamed mine simply "Spam" and "Not Spam".  This also
>> has the nice side-effect of making the toolbar shorter.
> I don't see how naming the Unsure folder "Not Spam" solves the
> problem. Since none of these messages in your "Not Spam" folder were
> ever classified as spam, "Recover from Spam" still is confusing.  I
> don't see how renaming the button when in the Unsure folder would
> make the toolbar any longer. There would be still be two buttons: 
> "Delete as Spam" and "Keep as Good" (or whatever else you want to
> call it). 

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear on that statement.  I meant I've changed
the names of the *buttons* to "Spam" and "Not Spam" instead of "Delete
as Spam" and "Recover from Spam".  I run from source so I am free to
change them to whatever I want, and I was merely presenting another
possibility for the names.

Kenny Pitt

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