[Spambayes] Are you considering to ad the option of deleting theSpam mail from the servers

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 8 19:11:03 EST 2003

> So the answer is that we don't have any immediate plans for 
> such a thing, but it wouldn't be very difficult to implement. 
>  It is on my long term to-do list, because I'd like it 
> myself.  8-)  But my to-do list is very long and my free time 
> is very short.

I've thought about (and almost started playing with implementing) this, too
(and, of course, ran across the same to-do list/free time problem).

Were you thinking of having this as a standalone filter type thing (a la
imapfilter), or still as a proxy?  If the proxy, had you given any thought
to what you'd feed back to the mail client?  I was wondering about this and
the best I came up with was substituting the message with a (easily
recognisable and therefore filterable) message from spambayes.  It seems
that it would be easy to confuse the client, otherwise.

I'm curious to know what your ideas are - this may move up my to-do list
after the testing/etc for the '7.5' binary is done since my wife's
connection is via dialup (in a rural area, as well, which doesn't help), has
very homogeneous spam, and could speed things up greatly.

=Tony Meyer

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