[Spambayes] Strip Subject of Non-alpha

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 8 19:45:59 EST 2003

> I never got 
> overwhelming encouragement for my ideas about how to add 
> experimental extensions to the CVS repository.

I'm not sure it's possible at the moment to get overwhelming encouragement
for any ideas <0.5 wink>.  You got two or three positive comments and no
negative ones, yes (I don't really remember)?  I think people have had
enough chance that you can simply go ahead with it; it's not going to have
any impact on most users anyway.

(OTOH, it would be good if experimental extensions had a limited life
(unless they work, of course), but I'm sure people would weed things out
eventually, anyway).

=Tony Meyer

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