[Spambayes] Why is this classified as Ham

Remi Ricard papaDoc at videotron.ca
Mon Dec 8 20:10:57 EST 2003


[Mark Howells]
> Any idea why this is classified as Ham in the Web interface?
> It's obviously Spam.
> Spam probability: 0.999309965162
> *H*0.00138006962536
> *S*0.999999999949

> What do you mean by "classified as Ham in the Web interface"?  What
classification did it get when it arrived in your mail client?  Do you
happen to have on the options to include the evidence/score in the
headers as well?  If so, what was the score there?  The 1.0a7 version of
the web interface (IIRC) has the option to see the clues for a message,
but only with the *current* database - if you've done more training
since the original classification, then the score can change (although
.9993 is very high).

I think what is happening here is that:
1- In the web UI there is Ham, Spam, Unsure emails
2- You train on some of the emails and defer the remaining emails
3- You reload the UI.
4- Then the remaining emails from above stay in their current category.
An email classified as ham in step 1 will stay in the ham section even
if its new score is now 99.99999999999999. 

I don't know if this is a "feature" but that the way it works.

Remi Ricard <papaDoc at videotron.ca>

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