[Spambayes] Manager, Start Training Button

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Dec 8 22:52:00 EST 2003

> The Spambayes Manager, Training tab, "Start Training" button
> does not have
> on-line help,

There is supposed to be a little "?" button at the top-right of the dialog.
I'm guessing you are on Win9x?

> and there's nothing in the FAQ about it.  I
> have collected a bunch
> of ham and want to add them to the training database while
> keeping the current
> spam data.  it that the way to do it?

Pick a new folder with new ham for the "good" messages, and pick either your
existing "Spam" folder, or an empty folder.  Make sure "rebuild database" is
*not* selected.  Assuming all the Spam in your Spam folder had already been
trained on (or it is empty), then no additional spams will be added.


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