[Spambayes] Why is this classified as Ham

Mark Howells Mark.Howells at softoption.com
Tue Dec 9 05:32:58 EST 2003

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> From: Tony Meyer [mailto:tameyer at ihug.co.nz]
> [Mark Howells]
> > Any idea why this is classified as Ham in the Web interface?
> > It's obviously Spam.
> > Spam probability: 0.999309965162
> > [...]
> What do you mean by "classified as Ham in the Web interface"?  

I mean that the message was tagged with 'unsure,' in the subject and shown on the web page as a 'Ham' message.

> What
> classification did it get when it arrived in your mail client?  


> Do you happen to have on the options to include the evidence/score 
> in the headers as well?  If so, what was the score there?  The
> 1.0a7 version of the web interface (IIRC) has the option to see
> the clues for a message, but only
> with the *current* database - if you've done more training since the
> original classification, then the score can change (although 
> .9993 is very high).

Unfortunately I have subsequently trained SB and told it to discard this message - is there any way I can get it out of the cache again now it's marked as trained?



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