[Spambayes] Outlook: Setting background filtering as the default.

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 09:16:21 EST 2003

Mark Hammond wrote:
>> I have a question on background mode.  Why is the second timer
>> necessary?  I use it at the default value of 1.0 sec, and what it
>> does is to process one message per second after Outlook downloads a
>> pile of messages.  I assume that this is necessary or you wouldn't
>> have gone to the trouble of adding it, but it does slow things down
>> a lot when you download a bunch of messages at once.
> It seemed the best way to implement it (and I got the idea on another
> project).  For my mail, having a 1 second start delay did not give
> enough time - mail often comes in at the rate of about 1 per second
> (when downloading in "background" mode), so conficts with the rules
> were still common.  I expect that some dialup users would find 2
> seconds too slow. 
> If we then stick with a single timer value, I end up with *all*
> messages being processed at one per 2 seconds.  When mail delivery
> has stopped, watching them get moved at this rate is pretty painful -
> hence the second timer.  The intention of the second timer is "once
> mail delivery has stopped", but there is no way (I know) to get that
> event from Outlook. 

Would it be problematic to wait until the entire batch is downloaded
before doing any SpamBayes filtering?  If not, we could change the
meaning of the timers slightly.

Instead of processing one message and then waiting again before
processing the next message, we might could restart the second timer as
each new message is received.  When the timer finally expires without
receiving a new message, then we start processing all of the received
messages as quickly as possible.  If a new message arrives while we are
processing, then we stop processing after we finish filtering the
current message and restart the delay timer.

Hopefully this would have the same effect in terms of allowing the
Outlook rules time to run, but would allow us to filter the remaining
messages as quickly as possible once we are "idle" in terms of receiving
new messages.

Kenny Pitt

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