[Spambayes] Training by the command line on Windows

papaDoc papaDoc at videotron.ca
Tue Dec 9 10:06:51 EST 2003


Is there a way to train using the command line on windows ?

This is what I get with sb_mboxtrain

Microbe% cripts/sb_mboxtrain.py -d hammie.db -g 
Tata/26                       <
Training ham (Tata/26):
  Reading as Unix mbox
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1\scripts\SB_MBO~1.PY", line 317, in ?
  File "c:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1\scripts\SB_MBO~1.PY", line 302, in 
    train(h, g, False, force, trainnew, removetrained)
  File "c:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1\scripts\SB_MBO~1.PY", line 230, in 
    mbox_train(h, path, is_spam, force)
  File "c:\Devtools\SPAMBA~1\SPAMBA~1\scripts\SB_MBO~1.PY", line 139, in 
    import fcntl
ImportError: No module named fcntl

If I look in my python directory I see a file FCNTL.py saying
import warnings
warnings.warn("the FCNTL module is deprecated; please use fcntl",

But I can't find the fcntl.py ???

Then I said lets try to go further so I copied the file FCNTL.py to 
fcntl.py and then I get
errors from lockf.

I said  I don't need lock since I  know  what  I'm doing.  Commented 
this out
then I get error from   os.ftruncate(f.fileno(), 0) so before I remove 
all the code from
the program I say let ask what should I do !!


P.S. I don't want to train on my Linux box since it is my server and It 
is only a poor 486 66Mhz
with 16Meg of ram .....

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