[Spambayes] feature request

Seth Goodman nobody at spamcop.net
Tue Dec 9 11:02:30 EST 2003

> Tim Peters wrote:
> > [Kenny Pitt]
> >> ...
> >> I also would like to add a menu item to rescore the currently
> >> selected folder.  Would anyone else find this useful?
> >
> > +1.  I do this a lot, especially on the Unsure folder.
> >
> > OTOH, I certainly don't want it to rescore my Inbox too (as others do
> > seem to want) -- I've typically got more than 10,000 messages there
> > waiting for replies, and I don't want to wait for that.
> Resounding agreement here.  I'm envisioning a menu item for a strictly
> manual operation to rescore just the selected folder.  Anyone who wants
> to use it to rescore their Inbox is welcome to do so, but it certainly
> won't do it automatically.
> I'll work on it as soon as I get this notification sound thing figured
> out.

How do you feel about automatically rescoring the Unsures after any training
event?  Most people probably don't have that many Unsures stored up and it
would be helpful.  Again, I'm just one user and I don't know how others use
the program.

I understand your dilemma with the large inboxes.  It's certainly your call,
but I hope you recognize that many (most?) users don't have 10K messages
waiting for reply.  That's a burden I can hardly imagine, so I do really
appreciate your developing this open source code.  Personally, I don't get
10K messages that need reply in a year, but maybe I'm not typical and I
don't develop software, so different world.  Since hardware is expected to
be bug-free in the first proto board (and yes, there is a tooth fairy), not
too many people find bugs.  But when one does get out of the lab, they are
sometimes, uh, irritated.  When this occurs, I do get a message or two that
day, or perhaps an avalanche.  They are remarkably similar, usually starting
with the adverbial phrase, "When?", with the remainder being filler.

Seth Goodman

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