[Spambayes] Can I move default database?

Januski, Ken kjanuski at phillynews.com
Tue Dec 9 12:48:07 EST 2003


I signed up for users mailing list hoping to ask this there but still
haven't gotten a message from list so I'm trying here instead. First let me
repeat what others have said: I'm very happy with SpamBayes and the Outlook
plugin, which we need to use where I work. I'm slowly convincing users to
use it. Maybe eventually, if we have any sense, we'll make it part of all
our pcs. But I've run into a small problem that I'm wondering about.

We have set a limit on the size of user profiles that are saved back to the
W2K server when a user logs out of network. The profile includes the fairly
sizeable SpamBayes database. If we could change the location of it then we
could get around this problem. Can anyone tell me if it's possible? Is it
configurable? Is it configurable in source code?

Thanks for any info, and thanks for a great piece of software.

Ken Januski

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