[Spambayes] Can I move default database?

Kenny Pitt kennypitt at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 9 14:17:39 EST 2003

Yes, it's configurable. I believe this is the correct procedure. Maybe
someone else will correct me if I'm wrong.
Create the new data directory and move the existing *.ini and *.db from
the user's "Application Data\SpamBayes" directory to the new directory.
Then create a new file "default_configuration.ini" in the "Application
Data\SpamBayes" directory with the following contents:
data_directory: C:\NewDataDirectory
You are probably already aware of this, but there are some issues to
consider with roaming profiles and SpamBayes if you make this change.
First, you'll need to make sure that SpamBayes is installed on every
computer that a user might roam to. Second, you'll need to make sure
that the C:\NewDataDirectory you specify is valid on every computer
(SpamBayes will create the directory, but the path has to be valid. For
example, don't use D:\Directory if some of the computers don't have a D:
drive). Third, it would be best to have a separate C:\NewDataDirectory
for each user so that users don't end up sharing training data. And
fourth, be aware that users will have to re-configure and re-train
SpamBayes on each computer that they use, and that filtering accuracy
will vary depending on which computer they are using. You can alleviate
some of these issues by pointing the data_directory to a location on a
network drive, but I have no idea what the performance would be like in
that case.
Kenny Pitt


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I signed up for users mailing list hoping to ask this there but still
haven't gotten a message from list so I'm trying here instead. First let
me repeat what others have said: I'm very happy with SpamBayes and the
Outlook plugin, which we need to use where I work. I'm slowly convincing
users to use it. Maybe eventually, if we have any sense, we'll make it
part of all our pcs. But I've run into a small problem that I'm
wondering about.

We have set a limit on the size of user profiles that are saved back to
the W2K server when a user logs out of network. The profile includes the
fairly sizeable SpamBayes database. If we could change the location of
it then we could get around this problem. Can anyone tell me if it's
possible? Is it configurable? Is it configurable in source code?

Thanks for any info, and thanks for a great piece of software. 

Ken Januski 

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