[Spambayes] ham/spam show 'n tell

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Dec 10 11:53:19 EST 2003

    atom> right now my spam-cutoff is 0.8, and looking at these numbers even
    atom> that seems conservative.

    atom> so, what do these numbers look like with databases made from
    atom> different sized pools of ham & spam? how about with a database
    atom> made of 34 emails...  skip?  this might give some quantifiable
    atom> clues about how big a database is "big enough".

Like I said in my response to Seth, I'm currently using 0.15 and 0.60.  I
doubt I'll go much lower than 0.60 though without a fair amount of evidence
that I don't see any hams which score above 0.40.


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