[Spambayes] Operator Error

Dan Healy danhealy at weston.com
Wed Dec 10 13:45:24 EST 2003

I have installed SpamBayes on a Windows 2000 machine and have used it
successfully.  Then I inadvertently deleted the Spam folder from my Outlook
Personal Folders.  I put a new Spam folder in Outlook, but SpamBayes doesn't
put anything in the new folder.

The SpamBayes pluginn in Outlook is apparently still working.  I get no spam
in my Inbox.  I get some messages in Possible Spam folder.  SpamBayes is
putting the spam somewhere.

Is there some way I can point SpamBayes to the new Spam folder?  Where is
the Spam going now?  I would like to be able to recover from my error,
deleting the Spam folder, without having to reinstall and re-train


Dan H.

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