[Spambayes] Frustrated - Please help!

Marv Beloff mbeloff at comcast.net
Wed Dec 10 15:40:12 EST 2003

I seem to keep losing my Junk Mail folder. It usually ends up under
Deletions or Calendar. When this happens I can’t seem to reinstall. I get a
message “You must configure the spam folder.” I have tried to comply. I
1.       set up two folders: Junk Mail & Junk Maybe
2.       Reset Configuration
3.       used Configuration Wizard
4.       Checked the – Enable Spambayes box
5.       reexamined Training –
Folders with known good messages = Inbox
Folders with spam or Junk messages = Junk Mail, Junk Maybe
Still I get the same message – “You Must Configure the Spam Folder”
What am I doing wrong?
When I had it working it was a terrific help with up to 60 ugly spams daily.
Why do I seem to lose it so easily?
Please help.
Marv Beloff
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