[Spambayes] why this message says it can't be filtered?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 10 18:45:56 EST 2003

> When I try to set it as spam or not spam it say:
> "no filterable mail items selected now"

Hmm...this one works for me.  Did this message arrive like any other?  In
particular, you didn't write it, did you?  SpamBayes only filters messages
with type "IPM.Note" (since this works for me, I presume it is), and that it
believes was received.

There is an open bug report that gives an example of another message that is
incorrectly classed as 'not received'; OTOH, I can't filter that one either.
Still, when that bug is resolved, this one might be too.  You could add your
experiences to that bug report.

For the moment, just don't bother about training this message.

=Tony Meyer

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