[Spambayes] DB corruption

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Dec 10 19:03:42 EST 2003

> I am testing SpamBayes for my division and I had a few
> questions.  When
> transferring the database files from one PC to the other I
> found that the DB
> gets corrupted much faster, then if you set it up the long
> way.  I was also
> wondering if you have an enterprise solution?  Since I am
> testing it for my
> division, if you would like me to help in any way let me know.

See papaDoc's reply, but assuming you are talking about the Outlook Addin.

If by "corrupted" you actually mean that the results become poor, then you
will probably find this is because you are attempting to copy one person's
training data, and use it with a different person.  All tests along these
lines show spectacularly poor results, hence at this stage our tools do not
support such a concept.

At this stage, the best "enterprise" support we have is to allow SpamBayes
to be installed for all users on a machine (silently etc with a little
work).  Then, the first time the user launches Outlook, they are presented
with the "Configuration Wizard", and must start the process for themselves.
If they log onto another machine on the network though, their training data
should follow them.

If by corrupted you really mean corrupted, please attach a log.


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