[Spambayes] Frustrated - Please help!

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Dec 10 19:05:36 EST 2003

The configuration wizard in version 0.8 gets upset when folders have been
deleted.  You should be able to configure SpamBayes manually using the
"SpamBayes Manager", and manually setting the "Filter" tab.  Otherwise,
delete the configuration file.

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  I seem to keep losing my Junk Mail folder. It usually ends up under
Deletions or Calendar. When this happens I can’t seem to reinstall. I get a
message “You must configure the spam folder.” I have tried to comply. I

  1.       set up two folders: Junk Mail & Junk Maybe

  2.       Reset Configuration

  3.       used Configuration Wizard

  4.       Checked the – Enable Spambayes box

  5.       reexamined Training –

  Folders with known good messages = Inbox

  Folders with spam or Junk messages = Junk Mail, Junk Maybe

  Still I get the same message – “You Must Configure the Spam Folder”

  What am I doing wrong?

  When I had it working it was a terrific help with up to 60 ugly spams

  Why do I seem to lose it so easily?

  Please help.


  Marv Beloff
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