[Spambayes] Dictionary Analysis Tool

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Dec 11 15:30:09 EST 2003

    Kent> I love the SpamClues feature, but I'd really like to know -- by
    Kent> "word" what "words" have the highest to lowest probability of
    Kent> occurring in my SpamBayes for all messages. Putting it another
    Kent> way, I'd like to know what the top N most "spammy" words for me.
    Kent> Is there a tool or other way to do this?

There is a spamcounts.py script in the SpamBayes contrib directory.  It will
accept a regular expression to decide what tokens to display.  Run it like

    spamcounts.py -r '.*'

and it will dump a CSV file to standard output which contains all the tokens
in your current database.  It looks like so:

    token,nspam,nham,spam prob

You can just pop that into Excel (or other favorite spreadsheet) and sort by
the "spam prob" column or feed it into a Python script which uses the csv
module to load it back up, sort it, then display the N rows with the highest
spam prob.


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