[Spambayes] shell script

Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Fri Dec 12 03:26:16 EST 2003

if anyone wants this... it counts how many hams are in $HOME/Maildir/cur/
and how many spams are in $HOME/Maildir/.spam/cur/ and if there's more
spam than ham, it deletes the oldest spam (leaving equal amounts of ham
and spam) and rebuilds the sb_mailsort.py database.

this is not useful for everyone... if you need it, you'll probably know
you need it. if you need something like it, but a little different, feel
free to rewrite it.


the tarball contains:

if anyone uses it, let me know how it works. i just threw it together, but
it seems to work quite well... i'll be running it nightly as a cron job.


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