[Spambayes] Oh good!

kent tegels ktegels at Msn.com
Fri Dec 12 13:45:32 EST 2003

Thanks to Skip and Tim, I think I'm making good progress on getting
SpamCount to run, but I really seem to have another issue now.

In the past, being a Windows User, I simply installed the 8.1 plug and was
happy and content. Okay, so now I realize that I should have installed the
source, since the modules that SpamCount wants aren't available otherwise.

Fine, so I uninstall the plug-in and use setup to install the source code

Now the toolbar for SpamBayes doesn't seem to work at all, and the "remove
add-in" approach doesn't work since SB isn't registered any more. Worse yet,
other posters asking "how do I remove SpamBayes" don't seem to getting
answers posted back to the list. Yikes.

So, I'll ask too: How do I completely remove the Add-In so that I can
install and have a functioning application based on the source code so I can
run SpamCount on Windows with Outlook.

Or am I just asking for too much.

If am I, could somebody point me at a depickle/otherwise export the .db
files to some other format so I can get back to the first task I wanted to
-- get the wordlist and the ham and spam counts? I'm doing this so I can
provide our corporate folks with a list of words that we should consider
spam in our rules-based filtering package that runs "in-front" of Exchange.



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