[Spambayes] RE: Watch out for digests...

Robert K. Coe bob at 1776.com
Fri Dec 12 13:20:46 EST 2003

What's a "hapax"?

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>     >> Big mistake. Stuff started getting wacky real fast.... Guess what?
>     >> One of the messages in the digest was an obvious spam.
>     Tony> This is perhaps a drawback of the minimalist database size
>     Tony> training strategy.  I'm guessing that if you had a larger
>     Tony> database, the effect wouldn't have been as pronounced?  
> Maybe.  At the moment, I have 9768 tokens in my database and 7731 of them
> are hapaxes.  As you suggest, it would appear mistakes can throw things off
> more dramatically, but it is also easier to detect.
> I'd be interested to see what others' hapax fractions are:
> ...

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