[Spambayes] RE: Yahoo's "domain keys" and spam

Atom 'Smasher' atom at suspicious.org
Sat Dec 13 00:10:11 EST 2003


i haven't found many technical reports on yahoo's plan, but i suspect that
some of the failures in it are:

  1) a paying (or theiving!) customer of XYZ-ISP sends spam, and it's
"authenticated". this can happen either through a virus or a "make money
at home with your computer!" scheme.

  2) domains names and hosting are cheap. it would be a slight hurdle for
spammers to register new domain names through ISPs and "hit & run" that
server, ISP, domain name... depending on how the system is set up.

  3) spam-houses that consider themselves to be legit will have no problem
sending "authenticated" spam.

so, the system will likely have the effect of not only blocking non-spam
email, but giving a green light to a large volume of "authenticated" spam.
which brings us back where we started...  RBLSs, filtering, etc... but
with some added overhead to maintaining an SMTP server.

that's my $0.03 (adjusted for the falling dollar).


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