[Spambayes] Oh good!

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sat Dec 13 21:28:24 EST 2003

> Or am I just asking for too much.

You're not, but I'll answer this anyway <wink>.

> If am I, could somebody point me at a depickle/otherwise 
> export the .db files to some other format so I can get back 
> to the first task I wanted to -- get the wordlist and the
> ham and spam counts?

The sb_dbexpimp.py script in the scripts folder of the source will do this.
You can convert to and from pickle and bsddb, and also to/from 'flat' text
('`' delimited, for some reason).  You'll need need the full source package
to do this (well, some subset of that, anyway).  Easiest to just unpack the
archive, "set pythonpath=path:\to\archive" and then run the script.  Running
with no options will give example usage.

=Tony Meyer

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